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ABOUT OUR COMPANYLarry Smith Inc was incorporated in 2011 in the State of Ohio.   In late 1999 and early 2000, as the benefits of Trenchless technology were becoming well known all over North America, two enterprising entrepreneurs, named Larry Smith, being successful owner of large deep sewer and water line company, became extremely interested in this growing technology. They liked the idea that it was proving to be a faster and more productive rehabilitation for underground utility systems, with minimal aboveground disruption.  Hence, Larry Smith was named President and successfully completed the transition from the “old” Larry Smith Contractors Inc to the “new” Larry Smith Inc.

Shortly thereafter, Larry Smith Contractors Inc. established its operational office in Cleves, Ohio.  Larry Smith, who has 40-plus years experience in the underground utility rehabilitation business. Our exceptionally well-qualified and experienced project manager, Dave Johnson -- together with our estimator Kelly Simpson, are able to provide effective onsite management of our projects.  Their oversight, together with the persistent and conscientious efforts of our experienced foremen and crew members, work to ensure a successful and timely completion of our projects.  Resumes can be provided upon request. 

We are very proud indeed to have been among the early trailblazers who introduced the trenchless, pipe bursting technology in the United States.   We have successfully completed underground utility rehabilitation projects in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. 

 A significant number of our projects include the rehabilitation of utilities employing the pipe bursting method of the trenchless technology, and using pipe of various material types -- ranging in size from 6- to 30-inches in diameter. We are licensed and certified in both static and pneumatic methods of this unique technology by both TRS and Earthtool Company (Hammerhead). 

From the inception of Larry Smith Contractors Inc to Larry Smith Inc, our firm has remained  the leader In the Static Pipe Bursting process. We retain the most knowledgeable personnel along with the largest fleet of static pipe bursting equipment in North America.

Our projects also include the conventional open cut method.  Further, our personnel are also fully trained and experienced in the skills of slip lining, grouting, cured-in-place, manhole rehabilitation, cleaning and videoing.  Our work also includes: horizontal drilling; boring /jacking; polyurethane grouting of pipe joints; subsurface utility location; asphalt paving restoration; concrete pavement/sidewalk restoration and landscape restoration.

Larry Smith has never failed to complete a project.  Moreover, we have a history of completing projects on time, and within the bid amount.  We look forward to working with you to meet the utility needs of your City and State.

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